Product Highlight: Degreaser and Descaler spray August 03 2021, 0 Comments

Our Degreaser and Descaler spray is part of our kitchen range and for the month of August our 500ml bottle is 30% off exclusively from our website and warehouse shop in Carna.

Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit! Go raibh míle maith agat! Happy New Year and Thank You! January 08 2021, 0 Comments

Photo by Courtney Hedger on Unsplash

2020 has definitely been a strange and challenging year for everyone.

As we move forward into 2021 in hope for better times and despite the still ongoing interruption to what we would like as normal life, we would like to say a big thank you.

Thank you for continuing to support us throughout the year and for choosing healthy and sustainable products, supporting an Irish small business and shopping local.

There are so many important reasons to keep supporting many local businesses especially now. Here are some of them:

  • Shopping locally creates what is called a local multiplier effect. Simplified it means that say, every €100 spent in the local economy is actually worth €500, once the taxes, re-spending by employees etc. takes place as a result from your original purchase. 
  • Choosing Irish products will reduce carbon emissions, packaging and waste. Although the reality is that ingredients, parts etc. are imported in some cases, the final product being made here will be a more sustainable option. 
  • You are supporting local jobs and creating sustainable employment .
  • You are preserving our unique, cultural and creative communities.

So it is worth it for all of us to keep on supporting local businesses and why not?  Ireland is abundant with high quality food producers, makers and shops creating wonderful products for everyday use, personal care and of course to eat. 

Why not try these other online suppliers as an example, and if you wish to add to the list please comment below: 

Nikki Moans January 2021

Zero Waste Lessons from my Granny August 22 2017, 0 Comments


My Granny Helka was the No 1. environmentalist I have known.

She was living the Zero Waste life out of necessity and common sense, it was more about saving money than getting rid of waste. I suppose packaging at the time would have been new and fancy, before it all got out of control. For saving money or saving planet here are some of the practical things I remember: 

Plastic Bags: Helka cut them in strips and crochet or knitted them in to rugs for the hallway floor or utility room floors. Seriously. 

Glass bottles: Helka washed the bottles and used them to store home made berry and fruit cordial for the winter months. The ones with screw tops were used to bring milk in for lunch. 

Food packaging: 

Helka’s Tips: Butter wrapping (foil, like Irish butter wrapping): Used as like aluminium foil to cover up cooked food in the fridge or when re heating.

Plastic containers with lid: always washed and re-used for food storage and freezing.

Yogurt pots were washed, stored and used for planting seeds in the spring.

Bread bags: used as sandwich wrappers for lunches.  

She grew vegetables, foraged, fixed and mended old. She is not unique, I am sure your Granny and Grandad had similar tips. We can learn a lot from the previous generations for the benefit of the future generations, and for our own Zero Waste Efforts. 

So anyone up for crochet rugs out of plastic bags? Maybe, maybe not, but we can make better choices tackling the waste problem without loosing our love of convenience either. 

Here’s to our best efforts towards Zero Waste living, please comment and share here your Granny’s or Grandad’s tips that we could benefit in our daily life. Feel free to post images of your crochet plastic bag rugs too :)