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Where are Lilly's Eco Clean products made?

Lilly's Eco Clean products, packaging and brand are designed and made in Ireland. Our offices and warehouse is in Connemara, Co Galway, and all products are made in Ireland.

Are Lilly's products Chemical Free?

We would like to stop calling any products 'chemical free' as it is not true. Simplified 'chemical free cleaning' means vacuuming, dry dusting, shaking - removal of visible loose dirt without assistance of any chemical, even water. When we are cleaning and tackling matters like degreasing, inhibiting bacterial growth, removing scale, we definitely need the help of chemicals to ensure hygiene. In short, any product that is a liquid, powder, or bar format contains chemicals, but the most important matter then is - what. At Lilly's we use plant based soaps / surfactants, old school ingredients like vinegar and salts, we use essential oils and naturally derived fragrances (no synthetic) and so on. Basically NO un necessarily harsh toxic chemicals for simple home cleaning, no un necessary colours, fragrances etc. while still achieving really great effect. It will feel a bit different at first when you start using our products, without all the typical chemical smells, but you will love the result! A clean home, fresh laundry AND a pure indoor air. You won't regret.

Are Lilly's products Vegan?

Our products are vegan and vegetarian friendly. This is the case with all our current liquid products. In case we use ingredients (example enzymes that might be made from egg protein) we will mention it clearly. We don't test products on animals.

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