October Product Highlight: Laundry Liquid

October Product Highlight: Laundry Liquid

Our Non-Bio Laundry Liquids are part of our Laundry Care collection. 
These products are something we are very proud of, and we have a large number of customers who swear by them. 
For the month of October, our 750ml bottle is 30% off available exclusively from our WEBSITE. So it is a great time to try it out if you haven't already.

We formulated our Laundry Liquid with the help of our customers, who were involved in development and testing.
The product was only launched, when our customers, from different backgrounds and needs, (with small children and related stains, fashion-conscious, technical sportswear requirements, and of course just normal laundry needs, darks, whites and so on) were happy with the efficiency. Finally, the scent of Orange Blossom and Chamomile (the orange label) was voted best option by our customers, so that was it. Involving our customers worked and we have even won an award for best family detergent.

Both of the non-biological Laundry Liquids are made of effective plant-based ingredients basing mainly on using simple liquid coconut soap. We use less typical foaming agents and none of the unnecessary performance chemicals. As the name suggests (non-biological) they don't contain enzymes. Our formula works and you will end up with lovely clean fresh clothes, without excess fragrance. Finally, we add aloe vera extract to bring some extra gentleness. 

How to use:
Pour the required measure as per the guideline directly into the drawer. 
For the lack of measure cup, re-use an existing one, or for example, 35ml = Three tablespoons, or an egg cup amount. 

Always check the garment's care label and follow washing instructions.
For stains: rub a small amount of the Laundry Liquid on stains before washing for best results.
For very dirty washing and whites, pre-treating as above, and higher temperatures will help for better results.

Suitable for handwashing, pre-treating and soaking and also safe to use on wools, silks and technical fabrics.
Suitable for all everyone's laundry needs, and available in non-scented (light blue) for the most sensitive of users.

Our bottles are made of 100% recycled plastic, are fully recyclable and refillable at various locations around the country.

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