Fabric Softener Highlight

Fabric Softener Highlight

Our Fabric Softener is part of our Laundry care collection. For the month of September our 750ml bottle is 30% off available exclusively from our WEBSITE.

This gentle, but effective softener is perfect for hard water areas or for when extra softness is needed, like towels and baby clothes. 

Are you taking part in Second Hand September and buying only pre-loved clothes? Our Fabric Softener will keep your fabrics in top condition and keep them super soft giving them a second lease of life. It also makes ironing easier.

It is suitable for school uniforms for Back to School Softness, with a clean light scent. Something the entire family will enjoy.

The plant based and biodegradable formula is made of Rapeseed oil & includes Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice. It contains no animal based ingredients contrary to typical fabric conditioners. 

Our bottles are made of 100% recycled plastic, are fully recyclable and refillable at various locations around the country.

How to use:

When the bottle is firmly closed, you can give it a light shake. 

35ml  - Normal Wash

15 ml - Hand Wash

60ml - for Extra Softness

For perfect results:

Use with Lilly's Eco Clean Concentrated Laundry Liquid.

Do not use undiluted directly on your laundry.


> 30% Water, 5-15% Cationic Surfactants Derived from Rapeseed Oil, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Natural Essential Oils of Orange Blossom and Chamomile (Limonene, Linalool, Citral, Geraniol) Preservative (Sodium Benzoate) (0.01%)

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