Women's Day 2022 - the Two Grannies

Women's Day 2022 - the Two Grannies

Lilly's is a female run small business. We believe that the values dear to us, as women, are key to work on our goals to improve the health of everyone, achieve sustainable home life for everyone, and to help to heal our planet. 

On this Women's Day 2022, when the world seem very broken, we wish to remember women and their strength, skills and caring of all women. 

At Lilly's we take our inspiration largely from what we call 'granny wisdom'. A lot of the best practises in sustainable home care, comes from the times when there was not enough. 

Now we have more than we need, the practises from the days of not enough, can be what we need to do to fix some of the mess we have created. 

We encourage you to connect with the grannies and great grannies, mothers, sisters, friends, aunties and cousins. Ask about their skills and knowledge and share time and cups of tea learning it. We need them, we need their knowledge. We will share it to everyone, send your knowledge, granny tips for home care, for garden for crafts and cooking. 


Helka and Aune the two Finnish grannies of our founder and owner Titta 


Granny Helka

Helka was a farmer, forager, crafter, gardener and carer of animals. Mother of three boys and grandmother of five. This image is taken in the early 70's (yes that is Titta 'helping out') processing what looks to be spinach for preserving for winter. She sparked the knowledge of nature and its never ending power to renew, nourish and be our best ally in life. We are passionately learning this knowledge again, to make sure we are the best ally for our planet. 

The days of hard work were not suffered without pride and joy of growing flowers for beauty or baking delicious cakes and biscuits - all of 7 sorts to be had at hand for visitors at any time. 

Aune was a professional cleaner, mother of 5 and a political activist for women's rights in post war Finland. Living in the city she campaigned with a local female politician who got elected to the dáil in Finland. 

They succeeded to create a holiday location for mothers and children to take a break during summer. The children were minded while the mothers could have some time for hobbies and sleeps etc. At the time this was a great achievement for hard working women. 

From the two grannies, and their knowledge, work and activism we draw power and inspiration to what we do here at Lilly's. 

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