From Feb 1st to February 2nd Imbolc, also celebrated as St. Brigid's day marks the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. 

The Celtic tradition of Imbolc goes back 5000 years. Imbolc marks the start of longer days, an increase of light, and the beginning of spring, farming, and lambing season. It was associated with the Celtic Goddess Bridget. 


St Brigid lived during the early days of Irish Christianity’s golden age and was baptised by St Patrick. Legend says that St Brigid made a cross from rushes, blessing a man on his death bed, who then converted to Christianity. 

While Celtic Bridget was in charge of fertility, St Brigid had a few more responsibilities including babies, chicken farmers, the poor, dairymaids, children in trouble, etc - the list is long. 

The Saint Brigid's cross was thought to keep evil, fire, and hunger from the home in which it was displayed. The newly made Brigid's cross was displayed and the cross from the year before burned. Fire and purification were a very important part of the celebrations. A St. Brigid's cross is a lovely decoration for the spring, and if it does all the above, well that is a nice bonus. 

To Celebrate Imbolc and St Brigid’s Day Mary, Riona, Katie, Ciara and Titta had an intergenerational get together after school and work one Friday with a craft project of making the crosses. After a couple of years of uncertainty, not being able to socialise normally, it was a relaxing afternoon for everyone. A welcome break from news, devices, busy work and school and just focusing on the crosses, cups of tea, and chats.

They even made a few crosses using locally gathered rushes to include in February's orders so if you have ordered this week you may be lucky enough to find one in your package as our gift to you. We hope that you have fun protecting your home and welcoming visitors with the cross. 

Spring Cleaning Time 

The additional light also shows the truth inside, and it is now a great time to give focus to the home. It is good to take a day for a project, whether it is a full kitchen clean-up, tidying the closets, cleaning windows. One project per day, there is no rush, but it is worth it. It feels like you are set up for the year organised and can achieve your goals and welcome the visitors you have wanted to welcome. Lilly’s home care products will ensure your cleaning is effective and toxic-free. 


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