For Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend -  Keep calm and clean on - 6 steps to keep your home cosy and indoor air fresh

For Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend - Keep calm and clean on - 6 steps to keep your home cosy and indoor air fresh

It is hopefully coming towards the end of the lockdown and we can start getting ready for Christmas, whatever it will look like this year. It is dark and we are still spending more time home working and, well, not going anywhere. It remains important more than ever to make sure our surroundings are clean and that we have good air quality indoors to breath. 

Indoor pollution sources and inadequate ventilation can cause poor indoor air quality.

Aerosol, plug-in and synthetic air fresheners, cigarette smoke and burning paraffin wax and synthetically fragranced candles can all contribute to toxic indoor environments.

Some of the cleaning products used daily, and lately in vast quantities, are one of the most common causes of indoor air pollution. The fat soluble molecules in them can enter directly into our lungs, and trigger asthma, allergies and weaken our immune system. Breathing in these chemicals can result in headaches and other symptoms even affecting our mental health. Occasionally it is ok to sterilise with these products, but continuous use can end up being more harm than benefit, even at this time. 

Our mission has always been to offer alternative products that will have great effect but not circulate these toxic fumes. Your daily and healthy home hygiene is achieved and you can breathe freely. 

6 steps to keep your home cosy and indoor air fresh:

  1. A good declutter. Remove unnecessary clutter and tidy up - it will be extremely beneficial and has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and boost productivity. It also makes it much easier to get daily cleaning tasks done. Decluttering will really open up your space making it more peaceful and inviting. There are many methods and guidelines like Kon Mari method, or remove one a day, whatever works for you. Keep what you love, remove what you don’t. 
  2. Regularly dust and vacuum to keep dust and pet hair to a minimum.
  3. Use bleaches and other biocide antibacterial products less and do your regular cleaning with for example Lilly’s to keep everything fresh and clean.
  4. Switch to healthier more sustainable options for fragrance, like soy, naturally fragranced or beeswax candles and essential oils to create a relaxing atmosphere and scent your home. Burning Beeswax candles ionizes the air in your home which can help to clear toxins suspended in the air. They give off a light that is in the same spectrum as the sun, creating a perfect ambience for a relaxing bath, meditation, reading and perfect for the dinner table.
  5. Open curtains/blinds and windows during the day to allow daylight in and fresh air to circulate.
  6. Bring the outdoors inside with some houseplants. Caring for them will boost your mood and help to improve the air you breathe. Pots of herbs in the kitchen will give fragrance and actual food, Aloe plant in the bedroom releases a lot of oxygen at night. Snake plants, spider plants and Dracaena are low maintenance attractive plants that will improve the air as well as boost your mood and concentration. 

So at this lockdown black friday cyber monday time, clean and tidy for the coming season and for more comfort. 

We wish you all the best, and thank you all for continuing to wash hands, wear masks, and stay in. 

Do you have any tips - comment and share your pictures with us on how you have made your home a healthier, cleaner haven at this time. 

Tag us on social media or send us a message with your images! 

Nikki Moans, November 2020

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