Boots Mother & Infant Awards Recognition for Lilly's

Boots Mother & Infant Awards Recognition for Lilly's

Lilly's Non Bio Laundry won Silver for Best Family Detergent, Lilly's Dishwasher Tablets won Bronze for Best Family Detergent and Lilly's Washing Up Liquid won Bronze for the Best Family Cleaning Product. 

It is amazing to receive this recognition as the main part was user testing - by the Mothers. We strongly believe that Lilly's is a brand for every family so this is very important to us and thank from the bottom of our green hearts. 

At the event there were many awards that humbled us even more and the product awards just seemed so insignicant in comparison. The Child Hero, The Midwife of the Year, The Miracle Baby, The Mum of the Year, The Early Educator of the Year - all of the winners are amazing people working hard or who have conquered some very hard experiences. We wish to extend our Congratulations to all of the People Award Winners. 

Before the show..Titta is excited.




And Bronze for Lilly's Washing Up Liquid

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