8 Ways to reduce waste with home cleaning.

8 Ways to reduce waste with home cleaning.

This is a double whammy - simple steps to reduce waste at home and keep your home amazing. 

1. Use Refillable Products. 

Only buy products you can refill and re use after. This also means that you will be changing your cleaning chemicals to better, less toxic and environmentally friendly chemicals. 

2. Understand that every small step counts and adds up. 

Whether you refill in store, use pouch refills or buy larger refills every now and then - it all adds up, there is no wrong way of doing this

3. Keep your Plastic Equipment clean and re use them

If you still use plastic dish brushes etc. clean and disinfect them regularly, for example you can wash them in a dishwasher. Good quality plastic equipment will last forever in use so keep them hygienic. 

4. Use fabric cloths and wash them in the washing machine

Avoid microfibres as they also pollute the oceans. Why not make cleaning cloths of old cotton towels and t-shirts and keep washing them in between. 

5. Use compostable and biodegradable tools. 

Such as wood and natural fibres. If using wipes, make sure they are 'flushable' i.e compostable, not plastic. Or make your own.

6. Try some Cooking Chemicals for Cleaning

Baking soda or Bread Soda (Bicarbonate of Soda, or Sodium Bicarbonate) is excellent for many cleaning tasks. Try vinegar to clean glass and mirrors. Use Natural Essential Oils for Fragrance.

7. De Clutter

Do it swiftly and only keep the items you love the most (try the Konmari Method if you find it hard). Keep everyday things with reusable purpose. Make a rule to Refuse unnecessary purchases, e.g repetitive bottle purchase. Generally buy things that have a specific purpose, project, place. 

8. Love your Clean, Sustainable Home

Enjoy the cleaning effect of carefully selected, sustainable chemicals. 

Enjoy the healthy benefits of a clean and detoxed home. 

Feel proud of all the small waste reducing steps you can make. 



 Photo by Daiga Ellaby



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