Product Highlight: All-Purpose Spray Eucalyptus

Product Highlight: All-Purpose Spray Eucalyptus

There’s no need to have a cupboard full of bottles when just one will do!
Eucalyptus all-purpose Spray is part of our homecare range. 
It will clean and freshen any room in your home.
The Eucalyptus oil is a cooling and refreshing scent during the humid summer days. 
Other benefits of Eucalyptus Oil:
- It keeps the air very fresh in your home and helps you breathe   easy
-  Helps to banish bugs during summertime, great against biting   insects, ants and houseflies
- Eucalyptus oil has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal       properties, adding to the cleaning effect of our All-purpose Spray 
- It can also invigorate the senses and help to fight stress and   boost mental clarity
Our All-purpose Spray is gentle enough that it doesn’t damage surfaces or release toxic fumes, yet effective enough that it removes stains, dirt and grease while ensuring your surfaces are hygienic and sparklingly clean.


Wonderfully fresh when cleaning your living areas and bedrooms. Amazingly effective for bathroom cleaning, use on taps, mirrors and shower screens. 

The easy to use bottle with a microspray is made of 100% recycled materials and gives just the right amount of product. The bottle is refillable ensuring a circular system. 

How to use:  To open, turn the safety grip under the nozzle. Hold the bottle firmly like holding a drink can, and use the spray with one finger. 

Ingredients: <5% anionic surfactants*, non-ionic surfactants*, amphoteric surfactants*, vinegar (acetic acid), Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil, Sodium Benzoate (preservative). *derived from coconut, wheat & sugar compounds.

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