My own really negative cleaning experience was cleaning the bathroom. Typically a small space that needs a good clean, and the selection of special products to do so is massive. Like many others,  I used what ever products without thinking much. I felt nausea, felt dizzy, until I just avoided the job.

But to not clean, is not a healthy solution either. And so we at Lilly's have worked to design products that will be an easy step from the conventional cleaners, kind of like same but different. 

And we have learned to love cleaning now. There is no longer dizziness related to cleaning, no strong fumes, but a clean and cared for home.

Care is a word we use a lot here too. Since over 10 years ago we have offered recycled plastic bottles for our product range, refill solutions - in short, we always cared for our health home and planet in every way we can, whether it is about how we design our products, or how we re-use our waste so we can reduce our waste - and so on. 

Because we have to, and we as humans want to. None of us alone can fix the waste issues, or global warming, and none of these issues is any of our fault. We have always tried to do our best available. And by continuing to do so, we can work to heal this mess, starting from our very immediate environment, our home. We can all help to heal our planet.