Lilly's Eco Clean Dishwasher tablet Zero Waste - singles


It is with regret we must inform you that this product is no longer available. 

Our supplier was acquired and the terms of minimum order was changed to beyond our reach. 

If you would like to have this product available in the future, please support our crowdfunding project in form of pre ordering as we are aiming to raise the funds to meet with these new non negotiable demands. 

You can place your pre order in the link below - at a -25% discount.


Order the dishwasher tablets as singles, packed in a paper bag. You can transfer the tablets at home to our own container, whether it is older plastic container or glass that you can re-use is up to you. Any amount available.

Irish Customers a minimum order of €12 is required.
United Kingdom Customers a minimum order of approx. £10 is required.
Postage costs are outlined on the payment confirmation page.
If you have a Coupon Code you can enter it on the payment confirmation page.