A Letter from Lilly

When I started my one woman enterprise of a contract cleaning business, I was  just like 98% of the consumers are, a conventional cleaning product kind of a girl. I loved the smell of bleach and synthetic perfumes and associated them with cleanliness. Some of the products I used were so strong that they melted my rubber gloves and gave me an itchy, ugly skin rash. Six months after I had started my business, life came to a frightful halt. I was very ill, and the scariest thing was I had no idea why. 


I had developed a severe sinusitis; it was so bad, that with all the sneezing I dislocated a disc in my back, and I could not work anymore. The headaches had escalated to a point that no pain medication was of any use. I thought I had the symptoms of a nervous breakdown, because I felt so low and depressed not knowing whether it was the cause or the effect of what was going on in my physical body. 


I looked for answers and learned, shockingly, about the toxic chemicals in conventional cleaning products and health problems they can cause; how they alter the functioning of our bodies delicate system causing havoc and illnesses from allergic reactions to depression and even cancer.


I DETOXed my life and started using my own range of cleaning products I made in my home kitchen; as a consequence my health improved rapidly. Clients noticed the difference too; they thought the air felt cleaner and fresher in their homes. One client told me that the energy felt so lovely after I’d been there! Their homes were detoxed as well as cleaned. 


Lilly’s Eco Clean range of products is designed for you and for your convenience. It is so easy to clean as well as to detox your home and enjoy the same positive impact on your  well-being as I did, and countless other people have with Lilly’s products. Join the many who have tapped into my original power of eco Luv and made the change for better quality of life  -a change you won’t regret! 


Finally - Caring for our environment starts from home, and your home starts from your body; what you do to your body, you do the environment.