Sustainable Home

What is a sustainable home? 

This means different things to different people, and sometimes it might feel too hard and confusing, when we are bombarded with stuff and what we should do or shouldn't do. 

Here at Lilly's we strongly believe in two things:

- Sustainability is what you see best for yourself. If you are at the beginning of this journey, be happy. All the changes you make will be for the better - starting from changes at home. 

- The major environmental issues we know that are happening whether its plastic waste in oceans, current or earlier deforestation, global warming etc.; are not our fault, and are too big to think we can fix. 

Media and advertising makes us think both, and it just creates nothing but major overwhelm and so we keep on doing what we do because 'there is no point' 

But here is the thing. While we say it is not our fault or it is impossible to fix, we strongly believe the choices we make does matter. And there is point. 

Imagine with some simple practical changes at home, you can start helping to heal our planet. Sustainable Home helps our planet.