About Us

Hi, Welcome to Lilly's Eco Clean website and online store.
Since 2003 we have been working on bringing you a better alternative for home cleaning.
Inspired by our founder Lilly and her story we continue making our effective cleaners,
that will change the way you will experience 'clean' in your home.
Quite simply our company's philosophy can be put as follows:
Typical cleaning chemicals may have some side effects we could do without. 
Choose Lilly's Eco Clean for your cleaning products & detergents and support 
a healthy & balanced lifestyle
Whether your haven is a tiny home or a mansion keep it clean with some help from Lilly's 
Enjoy the fresh scent of Natural Essential Oils. You, your family and your home are worth it
Biodegradable, sustainable sourced and renewable plant-based ingredients combined with some basic kitchen cupboard staples. 
Our bottles are 50% re-used plastic. Use our convenient refill options, they  have an added benefit of 80% reduction to our carbon footprint. 
We are a small company based in Dublin 12. Most of the products are made in our own production unit, and some are made for us to our own unique formulas in Co. Dublin.
 We have some great machinery for example for bottling and labelling, and some tasks are done by hand, like capping, packing etc.
You can rest assure that each bottle goes through human hands many times, especially just before being packed in its outer case box, it is checked to make sure it will arrive to the store top notch.
The company is run by original co founder Titta Jones and her husband Derek who does a all of the design work. We all do pretty much everything that needs to be done, Titta who might be involved in sales negotiations and product development and buying in the morning, will pop back on the line to help in the production.
Anyone working in our production might be called in to do sales event when needed. That's how it is in a small company. Sometimes Lilly pops in for a nice cuppa and a chat, even though she is other vice thriving in her new career of Psychology, a life long dream she is fulfilling now. 
We are very excited about our future as more and more of you have decided to make the change and try our product. We are very grateful for every single one of our customers as you are all very important to us. Thank you. Without you there is no Lilly's Eco Clean. Because of you we want to be grow and bring more products that match with our ethos. 
Finally, as part of our story we would like to remember some people who have passed, but have made a difference during the early years of our company:
Martin Benham, Lilly's partner and one time director of the company. 
Ulla Enkvist, our dear friend like sister, who designed our first amazing graphics. 
Jaakko Isokuortti, Titta's dad who helped out with investment and support at the early stages. 
With gratitude to these passed members who have brought support to us, we will keep going and make sure that their support will be achieving benefits to people who buy Lilly's.